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Soul Healing

My understanding of the soul is ever evolving. Here are some things that I have learned through my own healing work and assisting others.

Embodied Spirituality

Our soul is in an intimate relationship with our nervous system at a gut level. (This area is also known as the Solar Plexus ... Soul-our Plexus ... Our-Soul Plexus.) The soul also has a deep connection with our diaphragm and our ability to take deep cleansing breaths. The relationship between our diaphragm, breath, fascia, enteric nervous system, and soul has a huge impact on our physical health.

Soul Qualities

Whether we are conscious of it or not we are constantly experiencing life at a soul level. Our soul communicates through our gut feelings. Many of us have had the experience of getting a gut feeling that an environment (or person) we have come in contact with isn't safe. We also have the ability to know what is right for us at a gut level even when others disagree with us.

The realm of soul is vast and deep and we are connected to it through our own soul. Our relationship with the soul realm is influenced by the health and maturity of our own soul. 

Our soul is in touch with what truly matters in our life.

A healthy soul is solid, strong, resilient, flexible, and light. It can breathe deeply and fully. It has healthy boundaries that allows for healthy connections. Our soul is a part of us that is rich, complex, deep, and expansive. A healthy soul experiences peace at a core gut level.

Soul Wounds

Our soul is very vulnerable during our formative years. If our caretakers are unable (due to their own wounds or life circumstances such as war, poverty, illness, etc.) to see us, hear us, and feel us at a soul level we often get "lost". This impacts not only the development of our true sense of self, it also impacts our relationships and healthy boundaries with others. We become who we feel we have to be to survive, not who we really are.

Life traumas can also wound the soul. Some are easy to recognize by the sheer intensity of them (violence, abuse, sudden loss of a loved one). Others traumas are harder to recognize because they are less intense, it is their frequency that creates the wound. 

Some indicators of a soul wound is a continuing sense of:

  • feeling lost
  • not belonging
  • repressed
  • suppressed
  • disassociated
  • confused
  • chronic anxiety
  • chronic pain (e.g. fibromyalgia)
  • chronic digestive issues (What are you having trouble stomaching or digesting?)

Soul Healing

In order for our souls to open and heal there needs to be:

  • a safe gentle therapeutic environment.
  • a safe support system (that includes others who are loving, accepting, patient, and honor our healthy boundaries).

For many of us healing and communicating with our soul is a learned skill. It is building the ability to:

  • quiet and open our mind.
  • have compassion and acceptance of all aspects of ourselves.
  • sense into our own being.
  • listen deeply.
  • ask questions that allow our soul's knowing and experience to surface.
  • be willing to feel our feelings.
  • find the time and space to honor ourselves enough to engage in our own healing.
  • go at our own pace.

Soul Healing Sessions

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120 minutes $200

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"Susan is extraordinary! I initially went to see her for a difficult issue and I can happily confirm that the work we did together has completely changed my life for the better. She has gently guided me through everything I have ever brought to her with kindness, clarity, consciousness, and a keen insight that has often surprised the heck out of me. She has helped me to be the best me possible and I am extremely grateful."

Anne G.