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"Susan is such a kind soul, she gently lead me through my mind and helped me unravel emotions I had been struggling with understanding for years. Emotions that I didn't even know I had that were preventing me from reaching my full potential. I then was able to process them in my own time and I was amazed how I felt after! 

Thank you Susan!"

Tessa Perkins

"What do I say about Susan ... She has helped me with the hardest time in my life ... the death of my husband in a climbing accident. She has helped me with my heart healing and moving me forward to see a positive future. She is my healing heart friend."

Gayle Abernathy

"I will not be shy in this because if I did, I would not be able to appropriately give her credit for the inspiring work that Susan does. She has helped me with so many patterns of reaction that I had. Still have some but with the colorful childhood I had, I expected this to be a process. One that is entirely in my hands. Susan is the guide. She has the tools, knowing, schooling, credentials, understanding, compassion and patience to assist you in healing your past, so it doesn't negatively impact your future. Thanks to Susan, I don't have anxiety over an abusive ex. I no longer worry about possibly running into them. I now know and believe that I have every right to be who I am, where I am, and I feel so much better. I have been liberated from many ties that crippled me for YEARS. No amount of thanks would ever show her how much she has helped me."

Hannah Heacock

"When I first started seeing Susan Liesemer for NLP work, I thought it would be something interesting to try; however, I wasn't sure of its lasting effects on my life. Susan, has a unique way of comfortably assisting you in finding and understanding the personal blockages you have. Once the motivation for the blockage is understood, she gently guides you through the process of change. She and I spent many hours looking into my past, my belief systems and my fears. She was able to expertly and intuitively guide my stubborn self through some amazing work. I would not be where I am today without Susan's amazing gift and knowledge. Today I am more confident, relaxed and at peace with who I truly am and what I'm meant to do in my own practice as a healer and teacher."

Barbara Pickle

"I believed I wasn't good enough in so many ways; and I wanted to change that belief. I saw Susan and she didn't change my belief for me, I did. Susan was my guide, my supporter. She is so knowledgeable in making a difference. She has the tools and the compassion to really help you achieve what you so desperately want to change. I didn't realize I was so wise for my inner child, opening her up to what was really happening around her. To let her see that she was good enough and loved enough. I feel lighter, she feels lighter. I also blamed myself when it came to relationships with men. Why, why, why? I was able to see into them and find answers with the help of Susan. Things are now different. I can be myself around them and more confident and not dwell on them if things don't go right. After a few sessions with Susan my body has also been changing. I feel lighter and healthier and able to lose weight again. I feel like these processes and emotional and mental breakthroughs do truly heal your mind, body and spirit; and Susan can help you in your journey."

Cecily Richey

"Susan is extraordinary! I initially went to see her for a difficult issue and I can happily confirm that the work we did together has completely changed my life for the better. She has gently guided me through everything I have ever brought to her with kindness, clarity, consciousness, and a keen insight that has often surprised the heck out of me. She has helped me to be the best me possible and I am extremely grateful."

Anne G.

"I have known Susan as a therapist for over a decade. Her knowledge of the mechanical and energetic systems of the body along with her intuition makes her an exceptional therapist! Susan is professional, trustworthy, and passionate about her art, you need only visit her one time and you will be addicted to her!"

Robin Berning

 "Hypnotherapy has been immensely beneficial to me. I have a lot of stress in my life and by coming to see Susan it has greatly reduced my stress. There is a calming in my mind and body. The techniques I've learned have given me better coping skills."

Suzanne Gedlick

"Susan is a wonderful hypnotherapist. She is very helpful. She has a soothing, calm voice. She is accepting and obviously wants to help you. I look forward to my sessions with her."


"The only thing wrong with Susan is that there is only one of her!

I felt as if I had won the lottery when she gently whispered "thank you" to signal the end of my first massage with her because I had experienced hundreds of massages from the Far East to the high end salons in New York and never (and I mean NEVER) had a massage been so relaxing and so rejuvenating at the same time.

Nearly ten years ago, a friend and I made appointments for a spa-day where neither of us had previously been. I was very lucky there was an opening on Susan's schedule, which I found out later was unusual because she was by far the most booked therapist at the spa. A massage with Susan is a reprieve from the rigors of daily life which, because of her amazing sense of touch and memory of individual muscle eccentricities, postpones "re-entry" into the real world for days afterward. I immediately became a regular. When I suffered a stroke in 2007 -- which caused permanent nerve damage (24/7 pins/needles) on my entire right side -- I thought I would never again enjoy the relaxation of massage therapy with Susan. Fortunately she quickly dispelled that notion! Anyone fortunate to have found their way to the Heart of the Matter, has begun a journey they will never forget!"

Joyce Lanham

"Susan was my massage therapist at one of the top day spas in the Northern Virginia area. The standards at this spa are extremely high and Susan ranked at the top of their staff. I can unequivocally say that she is a highly trained professional who is keenly attuned to the individual needs of her clients and remains current in her training. It was a great loss for me personally when she relocated to Oregon."

Paula Lettice

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