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Clean Language & Symbolic Modeling

Clean language is a technique that uses a series of questions that invites you to consider your experience from different perspectives. 

Clean language helps you discover and develop your internal symbols and metaphors without being influenced by the question phrasing.  

Clients are often surprised by their own capacity to generate new, powerful, and useful insights and ideas about their own experience. Clean Language is the basis of symbolic modeling.

We naturally use metaphors to describe our experience. Metaphors generally operate at an unconscious level. By paying attention to the metaphors we use, we can gain access to a deeper level of experience: the structure of our thinking; the patterns that run our lives; our truth. 

Symbolic Modeling is a process that guides you through an exploration of your own metaphors and patterns. As you discover more about your internal metaphors (the language of your subconscious) you can use them to bypass the limitations of your conscious thought patterns. As you transform your metaphors, through the assistance of Clean Language questions, change can happen at a foundational level. This is often the level that change needs to happen in order for someone to have permanent and meaningful change in their life.

What metaphors would you use to describe your life?

Here are some examples of life metaphors:

Feeling stuck in a rut?

Chained down?

Held back?

Between a rock and a hard place?

Sliding down a slippery slope?

Someone a pain in your neck?

Feeling empty?

Carry the weight of the world on your shoulders?

Clean Language was developed by psychologist David Grove.

Symbolic Modeling was developed by psychotherapists Penny Tompkins and James Lawly, based on the work of David Grove.

Clean Language &

Symbolic Modeling Sessions are available for:

90 Minutes $150

120 Minutes $200